Coffee as a stimulant for better music-making


Both caffeine and music access the pleasure and reward centres in our brains, helping release the neurotransmitter chemical known as dopamine. But the way they access and help release it are very different.

Nothing like a cup of coffee to start your day and boost your creativity.

Coffee will boost your problem-solving skills by making you focused. That’s great for many, many things, but some say it kills creativity. Well, yes and no. Music isn’t just about playing tunes in front of roaring masses. It’s a lot of hard work, composing, writing, and practicing. Coffee helps you with all of that. But what about the creativity part? Well, coffee does put you in a better mood, makes you healthier, and you think and act faster. Can you think of any better basis for creativity? We can’t.

Opening night jitters, what are those? If coffee has no effect on your mental health whatsoever.

You want to feel happy and full of energy. There is nothing better than coffee for that. Great taste, a little bit of caffeine, and soon after, you will get a dopamine kick, which will cause your facial muscles to move, aka feeling good and smiling.

You suffer from anxiety, stage fright, or cold sweat. Coffee will not help. On the contrary, it will increase your heartbeat, and worsen your mood.

Coffee cantata

Yes, that exists, too. Johan Sebastian Bach, a famous coffee lover, wrote a miniature comic opera about coffee addiction. He should know, as he was an avid coffee lover, like most musicians. Great minds think alike.

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