Deadly Snapchat pills circulate Germany, warning over dangerous Blue Dolphins and Orange Louis Vuitton ecstasy pills


Extra strong and dangerous Snapchat ecstasy pills are the subject of warning from the police, as they are extremely dangerous and circulating Germany. The yellow pills with the Snapchat logo let to couple people having medical attention after taking them. Police suggest to anyone who takes this pills to seek urgent medical attention.

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Imagine Music Festival that took place in Georgia also reported dangerous ecstasy pills going around. DanceSafe, non-profit organisation, officially announced the alert warning that the tablets contained N-ethylpentylone and other unknown substances. The ecstasy pills that were on alert were the light blue dolphins and the orange Louis Vuitton. This is just another reason why it’s always important to test before consuming, as numerous festivals in UK are doing every year.

Via: Ravejungle,youredm


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