Denis Horvat drops new EP on Afterlife


The exceptionally talented, Copenhagen-based Denis Horvat joins the ranks of Afterlife Recordings with ‘Modelo’, a three-track EP charged with spritely synth lines and charisma. The title track’s nine-and-a-half minute run time makes for a spellbinding journey, as the layers weave seamlessly into a vivid canvas of sound. ‘The Bender’ is more direct, lending itself to peak hours in the club with a buoyant bassline, sharp claps and melody of sirens. Ending the record is ‘Natural Causes’, an entrancing trip through dreamy arpeggios that grooves up-and-down, taking the dancers with it. These three cuts have proven vital in the sets of label owners Tale Of Us and and now see the light of day to continue the theme.

Hear the EP in full below and grab your copy here.


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