Derrick May Accused Of Sexual Assault

Detroit DJ Derrick May, one of the founders of techno, has issued a statement denying sexual assault allegations leveled in recent days on social media and covered by several music news sites.

The one known first-hand allegation against the 56-year-old comes from a woman in Spain, who wrote on Facebook last week that May sexually assaulted her 13 years ago, when she was an intern at a luxury hotel in Amsterdam. Additional accusations have been made by two people who say they’ve spoken to others with similar claims.

Read the full story here.

The woman who came forward with her own story, Merel Poots, said she decided to break her silence after an ex-Detroiter writing a book chronicling May’s alleged misdeeds accused him of “raping and sexually assaulting women since the 1980s” on social media. Poots did not immediately reply to a message seeking comment.

Michael James, the author of the forthcoming book, is a sports journalist and musician who has previously written for The Detroit News and New York Daily News. He began hinting at a pattern of harassment by the DJ late last year. He has also accused May of cheating him in past business dealings.


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