DJ confessions: ‘People throw drugs at you, I often have to check my luggage’

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Latest from Mixmag‘s contributing author named Secret DJ is a interesting story about DJ life in which he reveals something more about about drugs troubles.

“I often have to check my luggage for drugs. Usually a nice airport security staff member will do this for me, but I like to do it myself first. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no idiot. It’s futile and stressful to transport anything under prohibition, but people genuinely do throw drugs at you. Sometimes literally. With the best intentions in the world, they can put a ‘gift’ of drugs in your bags at the club. It doesn’t occur to them that in a few hours those same bags will go through X-ray scanners and past dogs and machine-gun-wielding hormonal steroid-beasts. Also there’s every chance someone like Tour Manager will put some in there completely innocently ‘for safe keeping’ and then immediately forget they are there. So it’s always best to check.”

Read the full article here, this project will also be released as a boon in June.



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