DJ Normal 4 Admits to Sexual Assault at Bristol gig

DJ Normal 4 has admitted to sexually assaulting women at a gig in Bristol.

In a Facebook post that’s now unavailable, the artist, AKA Tim Schumacher, recounted hearing accusations that he had “sexually assaulted women by words and tried to kiss and grab after them.” Schumacher claimed he does not recall his behaviour—he said he had blacked out “for at least two hours” after drinking and taking MDMA—but that it was relayed to him afterwards. The incident took place on Thursday, February 21st at the Love Inn in Stokes Croft.

“After my gig at the after party of the promoters i was told that i left the DJ Booth without returning (during my set), also i handled rowdily with another guys records, but what followed after this already super untypical behaviour is that i was accused to have sexually assaulted women by words and tried to kiss and grab after them,” he explains. Schumacher also says that he is known as a “party machine” but is “always respectful.”

Important message regarding tomorrows event at Rye Wax, please read:It is with deep regret that we have had to come to…

Gepostet von Haŵs am Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2019

“I deeply apologize to the women for what happened,” said Schumacher, “and I cannot imagine how horrifying this must be but I swear this is not my general me. What was told to me within the last days is truly shocking, I am out of words to be honest and I deeply want to apologize again. I am so ashamed and I would really like to to make amends with the victims for my disgusting behavior.”



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