DJ Ralph released “Unlockdown” include Toma Hawk Acid Mix

DJ Ralph’s ‘Unlockdown’ is the newest release from the French powerhouse to be released on Lakota Music. Setting the vibe from the get-go, ‘Unlockdown’ featuring racing beats and an all-consuming collection of percussion.

The use of industrial snippets and effects keep you paying close attention to the track before freeing arpeggio’s take over adding a progressive touch as the grittiness truly takes you on a journey through the highs and lows of the release. Grab it here.

Toma Hawk has also delivered an exceptional reinterpretation of ‘Unlockdown’ to accompany the original. Pushing with those deep and intense vibes found in the original, Toma Hawk introduces a relentless drive, catapulting the track into newfound heights. In the former part of the track there is a slight
a feeling of reservation is entwined within the music that puts a stark contrast to the immense drop where the acidic top-line takes over with full force sending ‘Unlockdown’ into a state of frenzy and hypnotising you as it takes grip of your soul.

Lakota Radio – Weekly Show by Toma Hawk – is growing and has new partners

The show is still fresh and young, but is taking off like a small rocket. Every week on Thursdays at 7pm (Cest) and 1pm (ET) we celebrate the premiere on Techno Live Sets, I Love Minmal Techno, Only Techno, Techno Dancers, Toma Hawk, Lakota Music and Techno Element on Facebook and with a community of over 5 million followers. The days after that we have already secured best times on countless other stations digital and FM! From Brazil, Italy, France, Germany to Norway, the Netherlands or Belgium we are with Lakota Radio on the road! Pure Techno – Pure Life!


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