Drumelody discovered the new „Nina Kraviz” and now he is recording an album with her!

Casual socializing with friends in Istria ended with the spontaneous recording of the video “Bois and Girls”, where the young and talented singer Jasmina Makota Madori joined the Sarajevo producer and DJ Drumelody for the first time. And, of course, the final plan was the center of everything – the release of the album “Rain Dance” and a performance in Mexico City.

Good vibes only guys!

When he sailed along the Istrian coast with friends in the middle of the summer, the fun, partying and socializing of dRUMELODY and his friends resulted in the spontaneous shooting of the video “Boys and Girls” and as it usually happens when things happen unplanned, the realization itself ended great!

The record company with which dRUMELODY collaborated on the latest album “Freedom of Imagination” was extremely surprised by the top results of the video “Boys and Girls” and without hesitation suggested the collaboration of Berin Tuzlić, a.k.a. dRUMELODY and the singer Madori.

The final idea that came out of the video is actually the recording of an album that will move dRUMELODY away from the genre it normally deals with as well as from the instrumentals that prevailed on his last album.

The proposal of this collaboration was immediately accepted by the artists, so a friendly gathering in Pula Bay turned into recording a big one serious project, and recording nine songs for the album “Rain Dance”, which was recorded on an online basis – Madori sent her finished vocals to dRUMELODY, who then joined them with his dance instrumentals. Madori described this collaboration as “a great creative wave in a sea of the ​​commitments”.

Jasmina Makota Madori is a singer from Bosnia and Herzegovina who has spent most of her life in America. She has been singing since childhood, and has her beginnings in classical, jazz and Irish folk music. At the age of ten she got a leading role in opera at Northeastern Illinois University, and further diligent work and perseverance brought her scholarships for schools like Francis W. Parker, Oberlin Collage, Old Town School of FolkMusic.

Growing up, privately and professionally, Madori expanded her musical interests to electronic music, which over the time brought her collaborations with eminent DJs and producers in America and the Balkans such as Laseech, DJ TomBug, Skender Makota or Burner Brothers, so a joint an album with dRUMELODY for her is something quite natural.

Apart from the mentioned collaborations and the expected announced album “RainDance”, this persistent and talented girl, despite all her obligations and life on the Europe-America route, is also working on her debut solo album of club music for which she signs a full author’s and producer’s work. who will sing live with a DJ set.

After finishing with an album whose release could happen at the end of the year, the duo plans to have a serious party in faraway Mexico City!


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