Election candidate and former dealer in Bosnia: “For me, a gram was a gram”

Local elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be held in two weeks, and in the sea of ​​interesting people on the candidate lists, there is also a former convicted drug dealer, as local media b92 writes.

Abdulah Iljazović from Maoča is a candidate for the Brčko District Assembly, and one Facebook page published a reminder of his past, which is quite unusual for a candidate for a parliamentary seat.

Iljazovic, however, responded immediately.

”Just so you know, for me a gram was a gram. Honesty first and foremost. My resume is nowhere near ideal. I’m not saying for myself that I’m good. But I want to be good and I want to show that a man can benefit society when surrounded by good people and focus your energy on social well-being, ”he wrote.

As he added, it all happened three years ago, and now he wants to be a better person.

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