Elon Musk has released a techno album

Elon Musk has released a techno album.

The 10-track LP is titled ‘Technoking’ and it will be sold as an NFT before hitting streaming platforms at the end of this week.

The music video along with the song shows the words ‘Vanity Trophy’ orbiting around a golden orb. The word ‘NFT’ is repeated over and over again in the techno track while a vocalist sings “NFT for your vanity and “computers never sleep”.

Musk will first sell ‘Technoking’ as an NFT via his DogeBay crypto auction site, as Mixmag reports. The NFT will include exclusive album art, bonus tracks, a commentary by Musk, Grimes and X AE A-Xii and a video message from Musk himself.


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