‘EPM Selected Vol. 5’ featuring Floorplan and Mark Broom

‘EPM Selected Vol. 5’ features eleven new tracks from the recent EPMMusic archive featuring Floorplan, Mark Broom, Dan Curtin, House of Black Lanterns, D-Knox, Ben Long, Esteban Adame Basic Frame, Paul Mac and Francesco Terranova.

Esteban Adame leads the compilation with the pounding Detroit string anthem ‘Descendants’ that builds and swirls around jazzy keyboard motifs before letting rip with an almighty kick drum adding extra steel to his Motor City chords. Then Italian duo Basic Frame (Davide Nannini and Alessio Mascia) deliver an unrelenting hypnotic groove with teeth on ‘NKS’ whilst the ‘Beard Man’ himself, Mark Broom rolls up in pure minimal mode. ‘One Sound’ is highly effective in its simplicity; nothing is superfluous on this grooving, bass-laden beast.

Re-affirming the Italian connection we have Francesco Terranova whose deliberately uncomplicated ‘Terra 1’ is tough and determined yet always groovy. Ben Long’s ‘Calling Broadsword’ (taken from his recent ‘Standing Alone’ album) takes us into deeper and more abstract territory as he fuses experimental electro and techno to sonic perfection and then the mighty Floorplan (aka Robert and Lyric Hood) straddle the techno/house divide with the hypnotic assault of ‘Ritual’ before House of Black Lanterns ‘Drown’ sets a strikingly dub filled atmospheric tone from the onset. Its subterranean soundscapes spread into a pulsating groove, with a splash of poignant melody and burst of breathy vocal adding to the drama.

Metamorphic’s Dan Curtin brings the techno down to a more house tempo on the galloping upbeat rhythm of ‘Galaxies Merging’ before Paul Mac takes us back to the dark sweat boxes of rave with the smoke filled acid house of ‘Jack The Dam Box’, Donnell Knox (aka D-Knox) drops some enigmatic electro/techno with ‘Speak So They Listen’ and Ben Long closes the show with an album exclusive, his deep and brooding Late Night mix of ‘Olmec’.

With over 50 releases to its name, EPMMusic counts releases from Robert Hood, Dan Curtin, Ben Long, D-Knox, Paul Mac, Carl Taylor, Kristian Heikkila, Lee J. Malcolm, Esteban Adame, Francesco Terranova, Mark Broom, House of Black Lanterns and The Third Man to its ever-expanding roster.

New releases from Mark Broom, Ben Long, Gotshell and EPM’s own Oliver Way will see out the year…

01. Esteban Adame – Descendants
02. Basic Frame – NKS
03. Mark Broom – One Sound
04. Francesco Terranova – Terra 1
05. Ben Long – Calling Broadsword
06. Floorplan – Ritual
07. House of Black Lanterns – Drown
08. Dan Curtin – Galaxies Merging
09. Paul Mac – Jack The Dam Box
10. D-Knox – Speak So They Listen
11. Ben Long – Olmec (Late Night Mix)*
*exclusive track


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