Fabio Florido Is Releasing New EP on Matador’s Imprint RUKUS

Fabio Florido is the next artist to enrol with Matador’s imprint RUKUS, with the four-track EP ‘Levity’.

The Italian artist’s musical career has been built on solid yet diverse foundations. His studies at the revered Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Music alternated with weekends travelling to wild and wondrous club line-ups and parties, until he landed his own Ibiza residencies for Hawtin’s ENTER nights. His love for music led him from Tuscany to London, where he became a producer as well as a DJ, and then on to one of the crucial musical capitals, Berlin.

Through this organic growth of knowledge and passion for both classical and electronic music, Florido has evolved an authentic, thoughtful style. Within even the darkest moments of this powerful, experimental EP, there is melody, glimpses of light.

Here, Florido delivers a multi-tonal collection of rolling grooves, each peppered with shrewd percussion. Tracks ‘Levity’ and ‘Nagual’ show a tougher side to the producer; however the mood simmers down with ‘Quantic’, an almost ethereal composition with poignant top lines before the bassline builds. ‘Touch’ is a cerebral cut, with sporadic synth stabs.

With a residency at Cocoon Ibiza this summer, and top tier festival bookings including Sonus (Croatia) and B My Lake (Hungary), ‘Levity’ is yet another star in the young artist’s relentless rise.

‘Levity’ drops on RUKUS on 7th July.

Track List:

1. Levity
2. Nagual


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