Farmer Accuses Ravers Of Decapitating Sheep At Illegal Raves

British raves turned from bad to ugly!

Martin Carr, farmer from Sussex, accused raves that they were behind decapitation of his sheep, while they were raving illegally on his property, writes Pulse.

According to British newspapaers, police first became aware of a rave in the wee hours and that there were over 200 people and over 40 vehicles, blasting dance music late into the morning hours.

Eventually, nine people were arrested for causing a public nuisance, but Mr Carr told the The Argus that ravers were  performing “black magic” and “satanic rituals” in which one lamb was killed. But a spokesman for the ravers denied anyone at the event had any involvement in the death of the lamb

Picture of ravers from that morning is below, so what do you think?


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