Gayle San and Paula Cazenave assemble Combine Audio


A new label Combine Audio was started by the legendary DJs, Gayle San and Paula Cazenave.

Combine Audio, having been envisioned in pure female power, promotes the ideology of ‘old school meets new school’ – refreshing innovations merged with a successful technomatic backbone. Their expertise have resulted in their globalised success, performing in multiple localities and exchanging mutual energy whenever sharing a platform together.  Now, establishing themselves in both Frankfurt and Barcelona, Combine Audio bring forth their stunning EP Fuse On.

It was the duo’s creative catalyst that ignited Fuse On, and a desire to reach new electronic ground whilst maintaining technos core principles. Together, the two productions are able to reach a level a digital mastery reflective of the pairs combined accomplishments.

The exaggerated sub low-fi of Crickets On Crack, offers a sturdy undercurrent. Breathy sampling echoes through tunnel like filters and insectuouis mumbling and high pitched shrills project an atmosphere of paranoid ambience.

The second track, Deploy, conglomerates everything techno for a solid, full throttle dance track. Offbeat voices, eerie cavernous decays within the mids and a punchy snare, are just a few of the components that make up the full bodied sound – although there remains a clear differentiation between the layers.

Fuse On EP will be available from July 17th via Combine Audio.


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