German Techno Originator Pascal F.E.O.S. Died Aged 52

Frankfurt DJ and producer Pascal FEOS, real name Pascalis Dardoufas, has died.

News broke on Saturday 9th May that the longstanding and influential DJ had sadly passed away, aged 52. While no official cause of death has been shared, FAZEmag reports that the Bad Nauheim-born artist had been battling stomach cancer.

Pascal FEOS, started DJing Italo, Hi-NRG and EBM in the mid ’80s, and went on to be a pioneering figure in what became known as the “Sound Of Frankfurt” in the ‘90s, a trance-imbued techno sound shared with the likes of Sven Väth and Chris Leibing.

Many names shared a tribute.

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RIP Pascal FEOS. My thoughts are with all his friends and family. Even though we haven’t been in touch much over the past ten years, Pascal was always present as a cornerstone in our techno scene. He helped form, what was later known as the “Sound of Frankfurt”. Our scene would not be where it is today, without his pioneering work. I remember in 1993, going to „la Boum“ in Holzheim, a Diskothek, where Pascal was doing a techno night on Thursdays in in a tiny village near the villages where we all grew up around back then. One time I had the courage to go to the booth, as I really wanted to know the track he was playing, it was DJ Tom & Norman „tales of mystery“ on Overdrive Records. I never forget that, as it was one of the key moments of my life, where I realized what kind of music I wanted to play and create myself. This moment, when a DJ inspires you so profoundly. But this was only part of his inspiration that he spread around. All his amazing releases, especially those with Resistance D caught my attention early on and drew me even deeper into techno. I am sure he was aware of it, but I am sad that I never really got to tell him in person once more. We always think there is so much more time. Pascal, I hope you are at an amazing place now, but you left us way too early. We will miss your smile and your humble, always helpful, funny, warm and honest personality. You are a true techno legend. Thanks for showing us the way.

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