Giegling Co-Founder Says ‘Women Are Usually Worse At DJing Than Men’


Konstantin, co-founder of esteemed record label Giegling, said in a recent interview with renowned magazine Groove, Konstantin, that women are “disproportionately promoted” and that they are “usually worse at DJing than men”.

This opinion of Konstantin’s started a discussion about female DJs, and he become a subject of feminist accuses for his anti-feminist point of view. Part of the solution of this situation is that magazine is in German, and maybe a bad translation was responsible for the drama, because in his opinion he said: “He finds it unfair that women are so heavily promoted, although they are in his opinion usually worse at DJing than men are”.

And his next quote from the article says: “Thus women who seek careers in male-dominated industries like the DJ business must lose their ‘female qualities’ and become ‘manly’”.

Bad point of view

We will just note that although some female DJs probably gained popularity thanks to their looks, saying that women are worse DJs is just wrong, and we believe pretty inaccurate. And believing a female can be a more popular than male DJ because of the crowd and promotion doesn’t work, at least not in more of one or two cases, because the half of the crowd and fans are also female. This is unfair to all the women on the scene who worked hard for their career.

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DJ Aurora Halal shared her own experience working with Konstantin, suggesting that he actively refused to play a show or allow fellow Giegling artist Vril to play if either of two female DJs Helena Hauff or Lena Willikens were booked alongside them.

So Konstantin, this is just wrong for 21st century. Chauvinism should be a thing of the past, especially in society modern as German.

Prominent artist The Black Madonna also made a comment.

Via: Mixmag


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