Glastonbury festival bans plastic bottles

Festival attendees will not be barred from bringing plastic bottles on site, but Glastonbury is taking an active role this year in encouraging everyone to bring reusable water bottles with them and will not be providing backstage, production, catering, or dressing room areas with any single-use plastic bottles as well.

There will be numerous water taps across the site for revelers to refill their bottles and every bar at the festival will be offering free water to attendees.

While festival-goers won’t be stopped from bringing plastic bottles on site, they are being encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle with them, which can be refilled at the numerous water taps across the site. Free drinking water will also be available from every bar.

“Obviously we are all fighting the fight against plastic, which is an enormous task but well overdue and we need to make steps in the right direction,” said Emily Eavis, the co-organiser of the festival and youngest daughter of the founder, Michael Eavis.


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