Greater Manchester Police Closed Roads To Prevent More Illegal Raves

6,000 people attended two illegal raves in the area last Saturday (June 13) , during which a man died of a suspected overdose, a woman was raped, and three people were stabbed. One of the stabbings left an 18-year-old man with life-threatening injuries.

Greater Manchester Police’s Assistant Chief Constable Chris Sykes subsequently explained why the raves weren’t stopped, saying: “It’s not about what we allow, it’s about how we respond to things that take place.”

Now, according to the Manchester Evening News, police and council security officials have closed roads as they attempt to prevent more taking place this weekend.

The paper says the police had received intelligence that a rave was due to take place at Sand Hills park, an area of rough ground in the Irk Valley, and had closed nearby roads in response.

With a growing number of illegal raves taking place in recent weeks around the UK, Greater Manchester police closed roads surrounding suspected locations for illegal raves taking place on Saturday and Sunday last week (20th & 21st).

Police closed roads around Sand Hills park in the Collyhurst area of Great Manchester on Saturday, after shutting down a pre-party of around 150 people in closeby Angel Meadow Park. GMP later recieved intelligence the party had moved to a park in Blackley and set up police presence in the area.


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