Hundreds gather at Burning Man site no matter the cancellation

Hundreds have gathered at the Burning Man festival site despite the event’s cancellation.

This week, hundreds, if not thousands, of Burners returned “home” and were camped out on the Black Rock Desert playa despite the cancellation of the Burning Man Project’s in-person event, according to Bureau of Land Management officials.

There will be no burning of the “man,” as fires are prohibited on the playa this year due to fire prevention and control measures, but for many Burners it’s about coming “home.”

“We miss Burning Man, and it makes 100 percent sense that it was canceled, but I feel like it’s our backyard and there’s a lot of space,” said Louise Brock, of Reno.

The festival was scheduled to take place from Sunday 30th August until Monday 7th September, and despite a virtual, immersive Burning Man Multiverse for fans to experience online, burners have been putting on their own Burning Man events across the states.


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