“I Told Them I Will Die”: Avicii’s Confession From Documentary

Documentary “Avicii: True Stories” that was made by his friend that followed late EDM pioneer for four years shows his way to the stars, but also struggle with mental and physical illnesses, alcoholism and decision to stop performing.

His difficult way of living let to pancreatitis and later surgeries, but his quote from the documentary is striking.

“I told them I will not be able to perform anymore. I told them I will die, many times. When I decided to stop, I expected support, especially after all I’ve been thought. They all know how hard it was for me. I didn’t expect such a pressure to continue with gigs”, Avicii said.

Swedish DJ and producer died on Friday in Oman, where he was on vacation. He was 28 years old and there is still no official statement regarding cause of his death.


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