Ibiza authorities investigate go-go dancers impersonating police


And it’s not a joke…

The Ibiza public prosecutor’s office is investigating a May 4th incident that took place at Pacha‘s reopening party involving two go-go dancers dressed as policemen.

According to El Mundo, two men in local police uniforms—complete with badges and handcuffs—led a group of VIPs from the neighbouring Pacha Hotel to the super club and stopped traffic along the way. They then entered the club, jumped onstage and ordered the music be turned off. At that point, the 5,000-strong crowd started whistling, while the two men waved them out of the venue. Moments later, the music returned and the impersonators began dancing.

Two legitimate police officers witnessed the incident and reported it immediately to the local council, who passed it on to the prosecutor’s office. According to article 402 of the penal code, it is against the law to impersonate a public official and can carry a prison sentence of between one and three years.

Via: Resident Advisor 


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