Ibiza Nightlife Org Proposes The Ban Of DJs That Played Illegal Parties

José Luis Benítez, head of Ocio de Ibiza an organisational body that represents Ibiza’s nightlife, has proposed a ban on DJs and producers who have played at illegal parties on the island during the pandemic, as Mixmag reports.

Benítez proposed the idea at a meeting held weekly by club owners on the island, where they this time discussed the growing number of illegal parties taking place around Ibiza.

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He said, “we are very concerned because [illegal parties] are an endemic problem on the island and, unfortunately, the police can’t stop them.”

“The police are doing an incredible job, but they can’t get access and so it’s time to think about taking action against the suppliers and the staff working there, including the DJs.”

Videos are beginning to emerge online of DJs allegedly playing at these mansion hosted parties. In response, Benítez said, “these are places with no health measures, where no standards whatsoever are met, so we should ban them.”


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