Interview: Carlos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez is a DJ/Producer living in Gran Canaria who also owns his own vinyl only imprint LOWWAXX. With releases on the likes of 8bit, Oblack, and Time Has Changed, he is no stranger to the studio most certainly knows his stuff. We caught up with the man to find out what’s life like in the sunshine of Gran Canaria, his new release on Outstrip Wax, and his plans for LOWWAXX in the future…

Hi Carlos, how are you? Can you tell us a bit about growing up in Gran Canaria? What was the scene like for house and techno there?

Hey guys! all great thanks… I’m truly lucky to live in Gran Canaria, we have perfect weather all year round! That helps a lot for the studio and parties. About the scene, we are growing up slow but constantly, you can find a lot of cool options from great clubs lined up with great local and international dj’s, proper sound systems, summer festivals, hotel & pool parties, etc. This land is becoming a very attractive showcase place seen from everyone in the world. A good number of heavy-weight artists come to play here and definitely want to repeat! From a long time ago… Gran Canaria owns a serious list of great producers and djs. Nowadays, most of us luckily playing all over the world and running our own imprints.

Growing up were you always interested in music? What inspired you to delve into the electronic music scene?

Since my childhood studying classic guitar and harmony… I’ve always felt a high connection with the electronic music. I had some house, funk, electro or techno mixtapes recorded from local artists who played in different clubs in the south of the island and I grew up with that vibe, digging vinyls, listening to records from different decades and genres and still doing it… that’s what I love the most! Today, we have an strong schedule offering nice line ups during the year.

So your latest release is forthcoming on Outstrip Wax, tell us how the collaboration with the label came about?

It was nice! after checking the beginning and development of the label while releasing on wax I was very into it… so I decided to make a track for Outstrip Wax. I’m very happy with the communication with these guys, professional and well focused to find proper quality records.

This release sees you team up with Juliche Hernandez, tell us about your musical association with him?

It wasn’t an association, I just did a track on my own for the A side of the record, and Juliche did the same for the B side. On the other hand, we didn’t have a chance to make something together in the studio.

What is your studio set up like? Do you have any favoured hardware or plugins you use regularly in your productions?

I use a mix between analog and digital stuff, not very into that ‘only analog hype’ so I can be faster combining both worlds, that’s the best touch for me. I’m in love with my Beatstep Pro, it helps to be faster than ever and it’s truly fun! I have a KORG MS2000 as well (the rack version), this synth has a great sound and if you have some simple synthesis knowledge you’ll get amazing sounds! To build rhythms I have a Yamaha RM1X that sounds wicked! There’s a lot of raw 90’s tunes that were made with that baby… if you want a kind of trip to ‘909 or 808 stuff’ with different pads/synths/fx’s that’s your choice. In the last few years I bought also an MFB Tänzbar… two words to describe it… amazing & powerful as hell! Finally, a Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK desk which I use as a sound card as well, very happy with my setup. Currently, I’m starting to swim into the modular synths world.

So you run your own label called LOWWAX which is vinyl only, what was the motive behind this?

A few years ago, I was looking for a break after releasing too much over different labels as ‘Carlos Sanchez’ so, to have new inspiration waves… I decided to start making different sounds and textures, just to chill jamming to other directions with the machines in the studio and in a very short period, I finished the LWX001. The idea of the label ‘Lowwaxx’ was born later and I couldn’t be happier with the love and support received so far… In fact, the LWX002 – ‘Lowwaxx & Trujillo – Alquimia EP’ will be out end of August. The 003 will be out this year as well… and I’m VERY EXCITED with this!! it will be a huge step for me and the imprint.

If you could collaborate with any artist on a musical project who would it be and why?

I’ve always been a fan of Carl Craig’s sound, he’s a true master doing what he wants, without ‘dance floor pressure’ no matter which aka you heard from him, he always hit the spot! Another great example to me is Ricardo Villalobos. I respect so much the people that believe themselves betting hard on their sound, and I think that Ricardo is one of them… doing his thing since the beginning. Another master of course is Pole, a true legend of Dub sounds, his sound is absolutely perfect!! There’s a quote out that says… ‘The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.’

Now you’ve played at some iconic venues all over the globe, Is there anywhere you haven’t played yet that you want to add to that list?

Fabric London is and will be one of the main clubs! I fell in love with that vibe and sound system when I visited the club a long time ago. For sure, DC 10 Ibiza… the first time I went there as real clubber and it was crazy! I’m a very big fan of small clubs and I’d love to play someday at Robert Johnson in Frankfurt… there’s a place where you can have a straight conversation with the crowd. What else…! Womb in Tokyo… I played in Japan in 2011, Osaka and Tokyo and the promoters showed this amazing place and how you can’t forget it…! had a blast, one of the best sound systems ever!! Trust me. There’s a lot of clubs and places out there… the list would be endless.

Besides the music, what do you get up to in your spare time?

Well, I know it’s music but I really like to play my guitar when I need to disconnect my mind, and I’m a cinema lover as well! It’s like a therapy for me… I love to spend time with my family, my girlfriend and friends, enjoy the little but big things that offers this amazing island… the beach, nature, etc.

Lastly, tell us a bit more about what you have lined up for the year ahead?

I’m organizing a party called ‘Umami’ at Scala Heaven the 12th of August. It’ll be a Lowwaxx showcase with Tijn from UK, the man behind the ‘In Haus Wax’ series, and also with my friends Sebastian Roya and Goi Kopher. After this, I’ll be playing in Gran Canaria, Madrid, London, etc.


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