Premiere + Interview: Horatio

We have the pleasure of speaking with Romanian tastemaker and Desolat superstar Horatio! being a man whose work rate never stops, his latest EP comes out on Lucky Life. We find a little more about his sound and the inspiration behind the EP and got the chance to exclusively present you a tracks from the release you are hearing below.

Play it loud and enjoy the read!

Hi Horatio, how are you?

Hello guys I am very well. Currently preparing to launch my radioshow residency party THIS IS HORATIO .

We are digging the new EP on Revolucion Records! What’s your relationship with the label? How did you come to release on there?

Thank you very much. The track Cala De Eivissa was created after a super huge party (remember the after From the closing of Carl Cox done at Benimussa) , infusing all the crazy summer experience from Ibiza, in one track. I have a very good relationship with Mark (the boss from revolucion) as he is a big Horatio fan (as he declares) and always been very supportive of my work. I consider him more then just a person which I work much closer to a friend. I had previously done a bomb remix for them which received high praise so an ep was a natural flow. I am currently preparing a new track for them called Wanheda as well which I must say is a complete bomb tune. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the Revolucion Records

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is an organic blend of micro house, tech house with techno influences. Also a lot of jazzy stuff .

Were you always musical growing up? What inspired you to make electronic music?

Looking back now you can say yeah I always had a thing for music. From organizing and playing to my buddies in high school parties to learning piano and other instruments it was a magical journey. I must admit it comes from my familly as well as both my parents being musical wise people. I have a funny story btw: I was playing in some other country and my mother called me and put a track on the phone, even though she is not updated with the current musical styles. She told me look you should play this tune. I was a bit like dazed and after defeating my skepticism, in the end, I played that tune (JT Donaldson – Vanguard Nights) and it really rocked the place. I must say thanks to my brother Ovidiu (he was the first to encourage me), Mihalis Safras (he discovered me), Steve Lawler (I had my breakthrough on his label Viva Music), Locodice, Yousef, Carl Cox and Roger Sanchez. All these guys had a major impact on my career and I don’t have enough words to say THANK YOU.

Tell us bit about your Natural Rhythm label. How did it come to start and what was the inspiration behind it?

Natural Rhythm came from my 3 years hiatus in Berlin. I stayed 3 years there and I made a lot of contacts. I played some amazing parties and we just had to do something in order to put my own stuff out and the music I was gathering. I am proud that we launched some amazing artists which now became big superstars and we are still following our creed to find new artists which are really talented and put them on the map. Just check our latest stuff.

You’re known for your work with Desolat too! Tell us bit about how that started and your work with Loco Dice.

I was such a fan of Locodice’s sound. I am coming myself from hip hop roots (caught the 90’s era) so was pretty much natural thing to follow his footsteps. I played the How Much 909 track in Berlin and it really caught on so I had to release it somewhere it do some real impact. I sent it to Desolat and it got signed. What I truly enjoyed was this: even though it was a really techno hard 909 analogic stuff it went to Radio 1 BBC and two years later it was selected by Mixmag as one of the tunes that defined Timewarp. Such a great vibe into this. Also a lot of high profile djs gave their support for the tune and it helped establish me as a name. For all this I have nothing but respect for Loco Dice and his Desolat crew.

The scene in Romania is huge at the moment! Are you proud to be from such a place that constantly produces great music and artists?

I am proud to be part of the Romanian scene and I am working hard to establish my own brand .

Would you say growing up in Romania has a positive effect on your sound and career?

Yes it helped me that I received the basic knowledge for mixing and producing but if you want to grow as an artist you have to break the barriers of your country and go out and explore the world so you can get more experiences in order to receive that special feeling which you can translate into the tunes you are making. After years of travelling and gathering a lot of experience I went back to my roots and started the party which is associated with my radioshow THIS IS HORATIO in hometown Bacau. I want to give something back to my city and also continue the musical education to the young people which are coming on now in the club .

Where is your favourite place to play your music?

By Far IBIZA is the magic place to be. The people, the parties, the energy. Is like a pocket dimension where is a good flow everytime.

What would you say is the craziest party you’ve ever played?

For me the most craziest was this may going on with the guys from Lucky Life: Ben & Mike as they waited me at the airport we went to Zoo Project. We had a lot of fun then we went to a boat party (which me and ben played b2b) then to a pre-party and bowling and then rocked the place at PACHA IBIZA. For me was the craziest day party ever and a fullfilment of a 12 years of hard work in order to establish myself as an headliner on Pacha Ibiza.

What was your view on the Jeremy Underground situation, being your past as a promoter?

As a promoter I had my own share of problems when booking artists but you have to find the right balance and right people to work with. As a dj I am more down to earth guy. I do not have expensive taste or requests. I come from the martial arts world (been a karate trainer for 11 years) and we always learned to be with the feet on the ground and honestly express ourselves in our music, demands and life in general. Mistakes were done from both sides in the Jeremy situation but I think that with a good communication the situation could have been worked out in a very good way.

What does the future hold for Horatio? Any further goals and ambitions to achieve?

Well I have some small stuff to tell you in exclusivity: have collaborations with Boghosian, Roger Sanchez, Tomy Declerque, Martjin Ten Velden all fixed for next year and a huge ep with Hector Moralez called GanGsta Gunz which is already played by Carl Cox and Roger Sanchez which we will deliver next year in february. The rest is secret. My next goal is to grow my own techno brand THIS IS HORATIO and bring it to Ibiza, BPM, Croatia and more.


Horatio’s ‘Friends Or Foes’ is out on Lucky Life. Pre order here.


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