Interview: Jay Lumen


He is one of the biggest names of acid techno, he is Jay Lumen! Footwork label founder is known for releases on Drumcode, Saved, and 100% Pure. His sound is dark and moody, with dance-floor-ready energy. He had the opportunity to speak with this techno heavy-weight about his upcoming music and project, his sound and plans for the future. Jay also revealed some gems from his sets, so enjoy the read!

Speaking of your music, what’s your favorite thing when it comes to producing your own track? How are you describing your sound?

Well the thing that I love is to create something new. All the tracks that I’m producing are my babies. A piece of my soul, heart and actual mood. I form them day by day in my studio and try to breath life into them till they get the final fullness just like a sculptor.

I like this whole creative process just like the first times when I play out the new tracks at my shows.
The people usually say I have a “Jay Lumen sound” and so nice to hear that they feel something special from my tracks and DJ sets.

I’m not thinking about that honestly. Not so easy to describing what is a sound because the best if you are listening to by yourself.

Actually I produce and play techno but many kind of sounds are inspiring me and doesn’t matter how far those genres are from techno.

Could you explain us your creative process?

Huhh it depends on my actual ideas. But the most important thing is I always need a good idea and inspiration. Without that I don’t seat in my studio just to “write a next something”. It’s not my way. I love to create a fat kick and bassline groove for my tracks doesn’t matter what the sound is actually. I just have tons of kicks that I’ve created and I always modify them for the actual tracks but so easy to add my main melody or groove ideas if I just simply need to add my done kicks first. In this case I don’t forget the actual idea before I create it.

Sometimes I wake at the morning and jump into my seat as I just get a nice inspiration while I’m dreaming.

Tell us something more about the starting idea and inspiration for Resonance EP?

Resonance is an interesting EP. One day when I’ve been in my studio I just started to work on a melodic techno stuff that I didn’t want to finish yet as actually I really feel the harder sounds. But one day later I’ve got some nice demos from a very beginner but talented producer called Delph. His tunes were nice and one of them was absolutely fitting to my track that I was working on. So I asked him to make that track as a collaboration one. First of all I like the connection of two different creative processes plus I always try to help the upcoming names.
So I finished this melodic stuff with him and I added my Resonance dry techno track as a B side tune. Octopus team loved the release so it will be out at 20th of may.

You will be back on Drumcode soon, right? You are one of the unique acts who can releasing on Adam Beyer’s label recently. How do you feel the collaboration with DC?

Yes Adam Beyer has signed one of my new tracks to the upcoming A sides 2019 compilation of Drumcode. The track called “Razor” and many people asked me about the release date.
Specially as originally it was planned to release on my own label. But Adam played out the track and he loved it and of course it’s great to collaborate again with his legendary label so I said yes for the request happily.
Well Drumcode is the leader techno label and brand in the electronic music scene and I’m always happy to work with Adam and DC.

When it comes to your label Footwork, what is coming up?

I’ve just finished a brand new Acid Techno track now that will be our soon on Footwork.
Vinyl and digital as well. I don’t know the release date yet but will update you as soon as I’m sure about.

Do you have some other projects regarding the label you have in mind, events maybe?

Yes of course my team is working on the upcoming label nights specially we get so much requests from promoters and clubs for labels nights. Honestly we planned to keep it back yet as I didn’t want to build it as a big brand yet. I just created it for talents and myself and didn’t have a concrete long term plan with.

But I had to change my mind because of the pressure from the market.

The next label night will be in Hungary at Club Sing Sing for around one thousand people.

Our special guests will be Fernanda Martins and Harvey McKay for the night and it seems the people are so excited in just like we are.

What tracks you are playing recently make best peak-time moments?

Not so easy as my mind is working different a bit. I don’t thinking in tracks but in sets when I play as DJ. Sometimes a track is not working well if you are mixing it into a wrong section of your set but you can make magic if you feel the right moment for.

But of course I always have preferred weapons. 🙂

I like tracks from Fjaak, Keith Carnal, Dustin Zahn, KAS:ST or Shlomo for example, but so many other talents. I play releases from Arts Recordings, Figure, Regal’s Involve Records or Sam Paganini’s JAM and Drumcode as well.
But I also really like the small almost unknown techno labels. Sometimes I find so great tracks from them specially from some vinyl only labels.

So I can not highlighting one or two tracks. I always mix the different sounds and try to create my own techno sound in my sets. 🙂

Were there any creative challenges you dealt with while working on music recently?

The most difficult creative challenge is low level of your inspiration. All the producers has it sometimes as it’s like a rollercoaster. I just have my own way how I can roll myself ahead when I have it. I just leave everything. I don’t try to push myself when I’m in this period and I don’t work in the studio these times. I just play at my shows and travel a lot to see many new locations and incoming pulses. It’s working really and I always get back from my tours with tons of new ideas.

Luckily usually I have ideas so I don’t have bad periods usually but when I have it this is the process for me. 🙂

What are your plans for the future, are you working on some new music?

Yes of course as always. 🙂

I’m working on more tracks in parallel. Some of them will be so energized darker techno sounds but I have a few melodic tracks in process as well. You will hear so soon.

Where can we hear you play in the next few weeks and months?

We can meet at Movement Festival in Detroit US where I’ll be playing at Octopus night of Bleu club (25th of may).
I’ll be playing in Germany this month at MTW club also I’ll be back to EGG London in UK after a long break and will be playing with Juliet Fox and the talented BEC at 1st of June.

But I’ll be playing at Dance Park Festival in Serbia, at Las Brujas in Spain, a special boat party in Budapest at Cruisin’ show with Hito.

Also you can hear me at many festivals this summer season, like Balaton Sound Festival, B My Lake Fest at Drumcode stage with Adam Beyer and Amelie Lens for example, Sziget Festival in Hungary, Element Festival in Bosnia, Elektroküche Festival in Germany, Den Haaf Outdoor Festival in Belgium,  Cosmos Festival in France or Manija 5th Anniversary Festival in Montevideo Uruguay. Also many other shows I have planned.

I can not tell you how many places I’ll be playing but we can meet all around the world. So I wont be bored. 🙂