Interview: Sisko Electrofanatik

Sisko Electrofanatik is a DJ/Producer and Record Label owner of Gain Records, whose impressive and consistent content on the label continues to impress. We sat down with him recently to see how he manages to juggle such a busy schedule so well, and also his most recent own Ep on the label, ‘Onium’…

Hello Sisko, great to have you in for a chat, for anyone who doesn’t know who you are or what it is you do, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi guys, yes sure, my real name is Francesco and I was born in Rome. I am a Dj/Producer since 2007 and actually I’m the Gain Records Owner.

What made you get into music production and DJing?

Since I was very young, I was attracted by dance / electronic music, and with time I developed a special interest in the various facets of house and electronic music. My passion for the
electronic music pulled me to express my ideas and musical selections.

So you were born in Rome, tell us more about that and what effects this has had on your path into music?

So I started to work in some clubs of the Italian capital. My style in DJ sets has been always surrounded with electronic sound, and that is how he was eventually tagged with the nick “Electrofanatik”. After a few years of doing gigs I started to feel the need to create my personal sound, so I began to produce and express my creativity in the current underground style.

Regardless of genre, is there any artists/producers you see as the main musical influences on your career?

Yes a lot of artists and genre, from the Michael Jackson sounds to Limp Bizkit, from Santana to Tiesto. I’m listening to many different genres of music that inspired me, not only Techno.

Opportunities to break into the industry can be slim. How did you get your first break?

On March 2009 my track “No Control” reached 1 in the Minimal Beatport Chart, and 2nd Place on the nomination of “The Best Minimal Track 2010”. These gave me the first break for sure.

Now lets move onto your record label ‘ Gain Records’ what made you want to start a record label?

On September 2013 i opened the Gain Records, in the past I was the Neurotraxx Label Manager and I wanted to start my personal own label with my Techno and current underground style..

Do you have any advice for anyone who’s thinking about starting their own label?

Yes , first of all manage the label with patience and focus on the quality music and what sound actually works on the genre. Then create the attractive simple graphic line for the artworks and if you have the opportunity to invest to the right promotions and socials and why not artist and remixers to give prestige on the label.

Moving forward, what plans do you have for it over the next year or so, any artists you have your eye on that you’re keen on signing?

I’m starting these days to schedule for 2018, and I’ll release new tracks from Dani Sbert, Dyno, FAC3OFF, my follow up of “cocaine” will include remixes by Maskmada, Steve Shaden, David Temessi and more… and brand new Compilations.

Lets take a trip to your studio for a moment…What is your production process like, do you have a specific process to building a track, or do you just get in there and let the music do its thing?

So, generally I use a specific process with Kick-Bass – Main synth – Atmo/melodies etc.. , but for the beginning I make the “main” part of the track with free feel inspiration and creativity, after a “million” of tests, i can start the Intro – breaks – Outro and mixing process…

Do you have any signature hardware or software you use in the studio?

Yes generally I use the Roland TR8, Machine MK3, Axiom Keyboards, Plugins like Arturia, U-He, Tone 2 Icarus /Nemesis, Waves etc..

Put all the music aside, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I go the gym, I am an NBA fan, and I love hanging out with friends to the cinema and visit museums and travel to visit other World/European capitals..

Lastly, I’m sure this year is going to continue to be a busy one for you, what individual plans do you have coming up?

Actually I’m the resident DJ at “Techno Farm, “Basement Club” in Rome and with the promoters we have a long season to plan. With Gain I have some Label Showcases like in Amsterdam Dance Event. My personal Gigs to manage all around The Globe and my productions: I’m preparing my Album, EP and remixes in collaboration with artists like Kreisel, Fac3off, T78 on IAMT, Hi-Tek Recording, Dirty Minds, Sbert Music, Dyrwalk and certainly Gain Records …

Sisko’s Electrofanatik & Klaark’s ‘Onium’ Ep is out now on Gain Records.
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Onium EP | Out Now

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Posted by Sisko Electrofanatik on Montag, 11. September 2017

Featured image by Andrea Vitariti


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