Introduction of True Passing Rate of PMP Examination

PMP Certification is the first management certificate in the world. At present, more than 190 countries have synchronous certification. PMP certificate is a symbol of the identity of professional project personnel, representing the international recognition of personal project management level. The average passing rate of PMP Certification Exam in the world is only 30%, but in China, the passing rate of PMP Test is as high as 90%. At present, PMI has no official announcement on the passing rate of PMP Certificate Test, and all of them are announced by the organization itself. Only the name of candidates, the passing list and the percentage of passing rate are announced. SPOTO PMP college will break through the fog and reveal the true passing rate of China’s PMP examination market.

The pass rate is influenced by many factors, such as teaching philosophy, faculty, curriculum system and so on. In China, the written test has been implemented instead of the international computer-based test, which creates conditions for the accumulation of PMP test questions or test sites. Moreover, the examination is the strength of the Chinese people. In China, the real passing rate is about 60%, and the excellent institutions can reach about 85%. Only a few of them can achieve 90% or more.

In recent years, PMP Exam Questions tend to case scenario questions, not only the evaluation of theoretical knowledge, but also the practical application. Only the tutor with many years of enterprise project management experience can realize the practical case teaching. This institution can withstand the test of market and time. It can not only guarantee the high pass rate, but also improve the students’ comprehensive management skills and improve the thinking height.

SPOTO PMP College is a professional training institution authorized by PMP training and examination. It has nearly 10 full-time senior PMP examination training and tutors, a tutoring platform with independent intellectual property rights and a full-time simulation test system. Lecturers answer students’ questions online in real time. SPOTO PMP College’s unique PMP training mode of “webcast course + Real-time Tutoring and answering + online simulation test” has subverted the traditional training mode and improved the passing rate of students. Read more about SPOTO Visit website.

The latest online broadcast class of SPOTO PMP College is ultra low and affordable. The online live broadcast class of SPOTO adopts real-time class, real-time communication and real-time solution. In the evening and weekend classes, no need to ask for leave, study work is not wrong. If live broadcast missed or did not understand, video and broadcast repeated learning and understanding. The live classroom dispersed knowledge system, and mastered and digested the knowledge points in stages. Improve the pass rate of the students by the best way of learning.


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