Jacq teams up with Phonix for a release on Toolroom Trax

Jacq teams up with Phonix and vocalist SJ Johnson to deliver ‘I Feel Good’ a heady house groove on Toolroom Trax.

When something is organic it happens with ease and this collaboration is no different, with Jacq and Phonix meeting at a Toolroom event at Cream In Liverpool, it was inevitable natural forces would bring them together.

‘I Feel Good’ is a classic Toolroom cut with a chugging bassline underpinning the groove of the record melded with the soulful vocal hook from SJ and rounded off by the distinctively hypnotic bell loop throughout the track, blending seamlessly with the tech elements in the record. The result is a heady groove laden house number certain to draw attention.

Jacq, Phonix ft SJ Johnson ‘I Feel Good’ is out on Toolroom Trax on Friday 4th December, 2020.

Pre-order here.


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