JAMIIE releases ‘Mussoya EP’

We light up the week with a fantastic release on Monaberry by German/Nigerian DJ and producer JAMIIE with a nice Pathera Krause Remix.

When you’re out of our club, you’re still our passenger.

On a foreign dancefloor with a foreign crowd simple things like making a smooth transition can be a problem. That’s why Monaberry is more than just a label. For Example this massive EP from JAMIIE. It can help you with beat and customs problems. It can make the people sweat or transform your car into the biggest festival.

It can tell you what’s going on downtown by day and by night. You name it. At busy dancefloors we introduced an additional service: the huge Panthera Krause Remix. So whenever and whereever you use Monaberry, you have somebody waiting to dance with you.

Grab your copy here.