Japanese masked duo AmPm enlist Indonesian producer Dipha Barus for ‘On The Black and White’ remix

When Japanese masked production duo AmPm released their debut track ‘Best Part of Us feat. Michael Kaneko’ in March 2017, instantly exposed them to a huge global audience.

AmPm is a masked production duo from Japan who made a major global impact with their March 2017 debut track, ‘Best Part of Us feat. Michael Kaneko’.The same year, they were the only Japanese artist to perform at Spotify On Stage, a festival in Indonesia hosted by Spotify.

Collaborating with a plethora of dance-music vocalists, they have released more than 20 tracks to date. In March 2019, they were recognized at the Digital Contents of the Year 2018 / 24th AMD Award, winning the Special Jury Award. In June 2019, they produced V6’s ‘All For You’. Today AmPm is one of Japan’s most in-demand music production exports, with fans among artists and music lovers alike.

Now, they release their latest single, ‘On The Black and White feat. Doul (Dipha Barus Remix)’. Grab it here.

The track is a brand new version of AmPm’s January 2021 release ‘On The Black and White’featuring breakthrough singer Doul, who appeared on Spotify’s official ‘RADAR: Early Noise 2021’playlist. It has been remixed by Indonesia’s leading producer, Dipha Barus, who has taken the emotional core of the original version and reworked it into an even more danceable sound. The release is accompanied by a brand new music video. Like the song, the video is a remix too, taking visuals from the original version and reimagining them with a new vibrant, rhythmic style for an immersive new experience.

AmPm has remixed many songs by other artists from around the world, but this is the first time one of their own songs has been remixed by someone else.

Message from Dipha Barus

“It is my absolute honor and pleasure to have been asked to remix ‘On The Black and White’ for my AmPm brothers. I am so grateful to have crossed path with them back in 2017, where we performed on the same stage and have kept in touch ever since. It has truly been an enjoyable experience for me to have worked on the remix, and I believe to have delivered my best during the production. I hope my brothers are happy with the result and hope to perform with them again in the near future –as soon as this is all over!”

Message from AmPm

“We performed with Dipha at the Spotify On Stagefestivalin Indonesia in 2017, and we have continued to keep in touch. His songs are unique and they convey his identity as an Indonesian artist, so we have a great deal of respect for him. We have been very keen to work together with him someday. We have sometimes thought about asking other artists to remix our songs, but we felt he was the only choice for our very first remix. This was our first time to hear one of our songs reshaped somebody else’s hands, and the results were even better than we had expected–we’re so excited! We can’t wait till the day we can perform together again.”


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