Jonjo Drake & The Enveloper announce new release named ‘Open The Gates To Hell’

f you’re looking for a track that epitomises the underground scene of Techno, then tune into the latest joint endeavour ‘Open The Gates To Hell’ by two of Toma Hawk’s greatest rising talents JonJo Drake and The Enveloper.

The fact that these two budding producers have brought their inimitable sounds together to merge as one with ‘Open The Gates To Hell’ is proving to drum up quite the excitement as they both possess that distinct and original flair which differ in terms of style, but they have an opportunity to sound incredible together.

A deep and grungy kick drum laced with lingering acidic elements takes the lead from the get-go as you are thrown into a state of instantaneous movement before the catchy bassline tones take over and fresh hits of electrifying robotic FX drench the song with an overall infectious vibe that makes you want to get up and dance.

Grab your copy HERE.


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