Kid Machine drops ‘Iceman / Strange Lands’ EP on Turn It Down Music


After his turn it down music debut “back in flight”, this is the second release from Manchester-based Kid Machine.

New EP named ‘Iceman / Strange Lands’ is a two-tracker. Both pieces are convincing across the board and Mark Wilkinson from Manchester delivers two delicacies that should not only convince fans of Stranger Things.

This is the ninth release for the label, which was started in 2017 by Matthias Speck (Back For Good). “Iceman” makes a clear reference to Italo Disco and Synthwave, very typical for Kid Machine. The hookline looks almost hymn-like, but it doesn’t have any pathos. 4 o’clock in the morning with a full floor in Sameheads, you’d think. The second track of the release “Strange Lands” is in no way inferior to the first, but comes across as a bit more solemn.

Grab the release HERE.

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