LaChance Debuts on Trippy Code Records (Trip & DREAM) with Deep Techno Single “Concentrate” Out September 24th

Trippy Code Records known for their dynamic styles of Techno and diverse catalog debuts their newest talent with the September 24th, 2021 release of “Concentrate” by LaChance on the sub-label Trip & DREAM. Inspired by rhythm and groove, the deep techno single perfectly combines the thick bassline with melodic elements to produce a track sure to light up a dancefloor.

Grab your copy HERE.

“Concentrate” was composed out of frustration and uncertainty, as LaChance knew he wanted to create a track that brings energy and a deep vibe. Ironically, when he came across the spoken word sample Concentrate, he felt instant creativity.

LaChance’s history of dance music is filled with hard basslines and fast acid arps of the trance and techno realms, that when experimenting with deep techno he was able to have a unique style of music compared to other releases. The song’s instrumental synth and crisp hats are accompanied by an airy percussive lead; LaChance used his analog gear to develop the warm low-end presence. “Concentrate” expresses the experience of a massive sub system as does merit the underground techno appeal.

On the topic of “Concentrate”, LaChance says:

“When writing this track, it was such a frustrating process with the original bare bone skeleton I had. I remember experimenting with different sounds, lead rhythms, and heavily diversifying my percussion. But nothing was working. Personally, I spent hours listening to other styles of music to find inspiration and came across the word ‘Concentrate.’ It was funny to me, but what came out of it felt like my experiences I had at Neon Garden at EDC Las Vegas. From there, I knew I had made something fun.”

About Trip & DREAM (Trippy Code Records):

Trip & DREAM is a Minimal/Deep Tech label that is a sub-label of Trippy Code Records that is based out of Hungary & Germany funded by RTTWLR aka Bence Marsi & BEATQUECHE aka Norbert Zoltan Bako. The label Trippy Code Records has grown to become a massive entity spanning over five labels and over 150 million views on their label YouTube channels.

About LaChance:

Having been an avid lover of dance music for over 15 years, LaChance has used his love of many different genres of music, like heavy metal and classical, to develop his sound as a producer. Even with his origins of dance music came from early 2000s dubstep and progressive house, he found himself releasing hard trance and techno for his first releases on such labels like Alter Ego Records, Tangled Audio, and Archon Music. His music is adapting with his styles and finding a unique hybrid of the genres.


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