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Types of Gold Wedding Jewellery

When people think of wedding jewellery, they normally think of rings. This is logical enough when you think in general terms. But when you come to do some jewellery shopping online, you can see that it is just the beginning. Read on and find out more.

Types of Jewellery

Rings are of course the most common piece of jewellery available. This includes some more exotic rings such as adjustable toe rings. Rings are most common because they form part of the wedding ceremony itself. Where people can choose their own necklaces and bracelets for their wedding, a ring is almost expected.

There are also some pendants – these can be useful if you can’t wear a ring. A pendant can be a special item for people to wear. Ice Carats in particular has some beautiful examples. Necklaces are becoming more common for people in weddings.

Types of Gold

Not all gold wedding jewellery is the same, of course. Fashions come and go for jewellery as well as for clothes. The gold that is pure gold is normally formally called yellow gold. You can mix gold with other metals to create alloys (and different colours). Mixing gold with silver or palladium produces white gold. Mixing it with copper creates rose gold.

White gold has been the fashion for a lot of the twenty first century, but that seems to be changing. Yellow gold has made a comeback, and is found in more and more jewellery. Rose gold is still not quite as popular as it once was, but it appears from time to time.

Gold itself is quite a soft metal. Making alloys with harder metals makes it more durable. This could explain the popularity of white gold. Gold itself is often chosen for wedding jewellery because it doesn’t tarnish. The symbolism for a marriage is obvious!

Stones or No?

If there is anything more tied with a wedding than rings, it is diamonds. Diamonds turn up on a lot of rings. They are not entirely ubiquitous though. Many people still prefer a plain band for their wedding rings. Many people want stones, but not diamonds! Emeralds and rubies are also very popular.

Even if people skip having precious stones in their rings, they can always have engravings. Machine etching to make scrollwork and other patterns is now very popular. It can come in a variety of patterns, and it can be customised to fit a client’s own ideas!

The Overall Look

There are different ways your jewellery can look. Do you have stones? Then you have to think about their presentation. Do you have engraving? Then you have to think about its presentation. Even the rings themselves can look different according to current fashion.

You need to think about these things. Do you want a wide ring or a thin one? Do you want to have stones that are set-in to the ring, or that stand out? Do you want cut outs in your ring, or not?

You have to look at your own life to answer these questions. What will best suit your lifestyle? You might pick engraving because you don’t want stones getting in the way. You might pick a necklace rather than a ring for the same reason. It all depends on you and what you want.

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