Luke Slater collaborates with Anthony Child, KMRU, Lady Starlight, Speedy J & Tom Moth

DIALOGUE was conceived as a series of musical letters written back and forth between Luke Slater, Anthony Child (aka Surgeon), KMRU, Lady Starlight, Speedy J and harpist Tom Moth (of Florence + the Machine) at the height of the pandemic between 2020 and early 2021. Using the common language of rhythmic ambient electronics, each DIALOGUE features three actors in a sonic conversation of longform improvisation between 15 and 25 minutes in length, with Luke Slater the common denominator.

The results are a brooding, psychedelic exchange of melody, texture, bass, oscillation, key changes and volume swells, which organically merge into complete compositions. It’s music that both reflects and transcends the artists’ common reality of isolation – a meditative, consciousness-expanding conversion of musical ideas born from necessity. Cosmic but not escapist. And very much of its time.

Pre-ordered audio files of WAV and 2×12″ will be available on June 25, 2021.
Estimated release and shipping date of 2×12″: late August 2021. Includes download code.

Check the release here.

1. / A. Luke Slater, KMRU, Speedy J – DIALOGUE#1
2. / B. Luke Slater, Anthony Child, Tom Moth – DIALOGUE#2
3. / C. Luke Slater, Anthony Child, Tom Moth – DIALOGUE#3
4. / D. Luke Slater, Anthony Child, Lady Starlight – DIALOGUE#4


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