Markus Suckut announces ‘Resist’ LP

Markus Suckut announces new LP names ‘Resist’. The album follows releases on Rekids, SCKT, Figure and new alias Tales Of The Machines. ‘Resist’ will be released on March 7th on the label he co-runs with Johannes Heil, EXILE. Here is their message:

It is a big temptation – whilst striving to place oneself on the map – to favour and repeat established structures and norms in order to gain fortune, fame and power.
To cripple a work of art under pressure of commercial success and to trade the uniqueness of a creative spark for an egoistic idea means using a calculating mind to overrule art and emotions.
But this pulse of an artist is not his mind but his heart with which he exposes his energy and vibration through frequencies.
For this reason there is only one way which retains the creation in its innocent spontaneous form in order to stay true to its inspirational core.

One track from the album available to stream and you can listen to it below.


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