MDMA Could Fix A Bad Relationship


The pandemic has put relationships under significant pressure as couples struggle to navigate new hardships, lack of privacy. Too much togetherness, a lack of personal space and the inability to do normal activities, like going to the gym, were damaging.

While COVID-19 has created new conflicts for couples, it has also exacerbated existing problems. A website that provides legal documents reported a 34 percent increase in sales of divorce agreements during the pandemic, compared to the same time period last year.

A recent research by Dr Brian Earp, titled Psychedelic Moral Enhancements, recalls MDMA being used in therapy for couples in the 1980s. Though the pandemic is clearly stressing couples, is this the right time to revive this study?

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Earp, of Yale University, writes: “In the 1980s, before it was made illegal, MDMA – popularly known as “ecstasy” due to the feelings of euphoria it can induce – was being used as an aid in couple’s therapy by professional counselors.

“Writing in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs in 1998, George Greer and Requa Tolbert described a method of conducting MDMA-enhanced therapeutic sessions based on their experience with roughly 80 clients between 1980-1985.”

Apparently, 90 per cent of Greer and Tolbert’s clients reported feeling more love towards their partners after undergoing therapy.

So MDMA for a happy techno couple?


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