MDMA Users Have More Emotional Empathy?


Using MDMA help you be your better self? 

Well, a new study conducted by the Psychopharmacology and Addiction Research Centre (PARC) has found that MDMA users have more emotional empathy than other drug users.

Over the past couple of years we see scientists and researchers have made numerous breakthroughs when it comes to using MDMA in treating mental health problems. This most recent set of drug trials set out to investigate “the long-term impact of recreational MDMA use on these fundamental social processes”.

The study involved 67 drug users: 25 of whom took MDMA once a month, 19 who used other drugs and 23 who only consume alcohol. Scientists measured each participant’s emotional and cognitive empathy through a self-report test and found that MDMA users scored the highest.

Apparently, using MDMA will make you more emotionally aware than using substances such as cocaine, cannabis and ketamine.


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