This New Year’s eve will be very special one for techo heads in the land of the Dutch!


This year’s Techno setting is not just one of the most iconic venues in The Netherlands, but also one of the most unique locations in the world! Built between 1896 and 1902, the monumental gas and electricity factory provided the inhabitants of Haarlem with light and heat, until the discovery of natural gas in the 1960s, when the factory was put out of operation. Parts of the factory were demolished, but the Turbinehal, the Oliehuis and the Energiehuis were spared.

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A large complex of characteristic buildings that attracted people from all over the world, just to be admired. The buildings that have been preserved are among the most rare industrial heritage in the Netherlands. Combine all of the above with some proper Techno production and some of the most talented artists in the world, and you have the ultimate Techno experience! For the very last time ever in the Turbinehal. As the venue wont be available for big scala events again. What a way to not only celebrate the end of the year, but also celebrate the end of a piece of history.


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