Patrice Bäumel to release ‘The Hatchet’ EP on Afterlife


After the success of  last year’s ‘Glutes’ Patrice Bäumel mark his returns to Afterlife with ‘The Hatchet’ EP.

Bäumel delivers two melodic tracks that will hypnotize the listeners on the dancefloor due to some seriously uplifting moments. New EP is a two-tracker and it will be instantly recognized to his fans. ‘The Hatchet’ is Afterlife sound perfectly packed, cosmic excursions arranged for big room impact.

‘The Hatchet’, which shone on the Tale Of Us fabric 97 CD, has Bäumel’s signature, tempered drums, slithering FX and masterfully-executed bursts of white noise. With a similar modus operandi, ‘Serpent’ glides through bright arpeggios, snowballing towards the brilliant climax. A journey through time and space, into the Afterlife.

Release date is April 6th, both vinyl and digital, and you can pre-order ‘The Hatchet’ EP here.


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