Privilege Ibiza will be partially closed this season

Privilege Ibiza will be partially closed this season following a San Antonio council ruling.

The San Rafael address made headlines last winter when authorities suspended its license after discovering structural elements had been illegally modified in a bid to increase the venue’s capacity, which is officially 10,000.

Following the suspension of Privilege Ibiza’s license late last year due to safety inspections finding the club illegally modified its architecture to increase capacity, it has been revealed the club will be allowed to open for the 2019 season, but not the full space.

The club has met the main safety requirements required by its license, such as clearing emergency exits and will be allowed to trade this year, including opening its vast Main Room and Vista Club spaces.

However, multiple sections of the club that are still deemed unsafe will remain closed, including the Coco Loco and Pyramid dancefloors, and a balcony connected to the Safari Bar.

Amnesia’s license was also suspended last year for the same reasons, but opened as usual this month, indicating the club has met the requirements for its license to be lifted.


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