Proof that Lil Louis is a true king

We are all witnessing how coronavirus is changing the music scene. And not just the music scene… The virus is changing the way of life of many, the way we travel and choose what to eat or what to do.

As a refreshment, here is a statement of house mastermind Lil Louis:

Dear Heads:
I am alone. On a flight, traveling to come see my fans. Many people, including loved ones have begged me to cancel. I see cancellations everywhere. Festivals, events… even cities and countries shut down. And I understand the unrest. But living in fear is worst than dying. We face hard decisions now. And I don’t have all the answers. But I do have one question for all club and festival owners, execs, promoters, managers, agents, DJs, artists, music lovers and fans. Do we stop dancing? I don’t want to be sick either, hence the mask. But my mother never stopped being my mother when I was sick. She never abandoned my house. She gave us the medicine of love, and helped us get better. So there’s nothing that will stop me from being the Founding Father of our House. Nothing that can stop me from playing for you. And there should be nothing that stops us from dancing—with each other. We should be smart. Wash your hands often for 20 sec, like my mom always taught me. And until the politicians are honest and figure this thing out, I may give you a pound instead of a handshake. But I’ll be there.
I am coming to play for you. House music until I die—Lil Louis.



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