RAZDA is set to release ‘Another Paradise’

Razda is a Dj/ Producer from London, he has been making music behind the scenes for a few years now and has been waiting for his sound to develop into a mature, quality sound that can cut through a sound system and do the right job on the dance floor.

Grab your copy on Beatport.

Personally feeling happy with his production he now has a release coming out with Unreserved Records which is very exciting. The release is called ‘Another Paradise EP’ both tracks having a very live groove and deep warm bass line, with smooth vocals to match. Setting the bar with these two tracks he now is making it his mission to deliver more music week in week out to that same standard or above, feeling confident when it comes to sending music out for other big artists in the world for them to support and play.

When It comes to playing music himself as a dj, he is aiming to play half of his own produced tracks along with half of a selection of tracks by other artists who he is liking at the time, making his sets stand out with them original tunes that nobody has heard before. It’s fair to say the future is bright for Razda.


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