Rebekah Is Releasing Her Debut Album on Soma Records


All you techno lovers, we’ve got some pretty big news. Your beloved Rebekah is going to release her first album and it’s gonna be on Soma Records. Her cooperation with the label has been proved as a great success if we’re judging by some of the previous releases, this one is, trust us, going to be the greatest one!

In her live Facebook video, Rebekah told us that this album is not going to be only club banger tracks for which we (mainly)  know her for. This time, she’s bringing some deeper stuff too, and by what we heard in the video, we’re only saying that we’re very very excited for the release date which is April the 28th.  As she says, this project is something she’s been working on more than two years now, and when that much work is put on by artist like herself, the results must be amazing! Her most charming smile in the world is convincing us too!


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