Regal is back with new EP


Regal is back. The Spanish DJ and producer returns to his very own Involve Records with a two-track EP under the name ‘Trave Generation’. After ‘Acid is The Answer’, Regal brings to light two of his most demanded tunes, after testing their effectiveness on the dancefloor during the last few months.

The title of the record, ‘Trave Generation’, is a play on words which combines Trance and Rave, the two ideas on which the music is built in this new release of the label. Techno with 90’s Trance inspired melodies and the punch of the purest Rave sound, aggressive and frenetic on the track that gives name to the EP, and more hypnotic on Lesstroboscopic, the B-side.

Coming with this seventeenth release of Involve, Regal joins forces with Estudio Furioso to create a video that translates into images the concept behind the music. The aesthetics and the attitude set the norm in this videoclip that features both tracks, where the old school spirit inspired by raves is everywhere, together with the philosophy of peace, unity, respect and freedom that comes with it.

Without losing sight of the present, the contemporary and the classic converge in all the elements of the video, influenced stylistically by urban tribes such as the Club Kids or the Hooligans. A video with Fashion Film characteristics and non-linear narrative. A piece featuring two rival bands with similar aesthetics and opposed details representing the values of unity from an aesthetical and sociological point of view.


A1 – Trave Generation

B1 – Lesstroboscopic


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