Researchers Say Ecstasy Can Be Used To Treat Alcoholism

A new study suggests ecstasy can be used to treat alcoholism, as Mixmag reports.

Carried out by a team at Imperial College London, the study provided controlled doses of ecstasy to 14 alcoholics in two out of 10 psychotherapy sessions in total.

In each of the two sessions, people were firstly given 125mg of MDMA, with another 62.4mg being dished out two hours later.

One reason for MDMA being used in such a study is that scientists believe the party drug can suppress the amygdala part of the brain, which is what causes fear. If that happens, they hope it’ll help people overcome previous experiences which may cause a desire to drink.

“This clinical study supports the practical experience of many leaders in psychiatry that psychedelic-assisted treatments, including MDMA for mental health disorders, have the potential to deliver significantly better outcomes for many patient groups.”

Some scientists say that MDMA can be used to treat and help people with lockdown effected mental conditions.


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