Rising from Tokyo, End of The World Announce The Hypnotic Single Titled “In My Dream”

End of The World follow-up to their globally praised album, Chameleon (deluxe version) with the magnificent single “In My Dream,” an emotional display of their unmatchable talent and vision.

End of The World – In My Dream Available to stream and purchase as of September 3!

End of the World announce the upcoming release of a brand new single titled “In My Dream,” a dreamy
number set to transport the crowds into unexplored destinations, both in terms of feelings and vibes. This
hypnotic single features an ethereal piano line as well as heavenly vocals, all combined into a blissful listening experience.

The song will be released alongside matching visuals, to announce the custom jewelry based on Takashi Murakami’s Chameleon design, made by the famous artist Ben Baller.

The members Fukase, Nakajin, Saori, and DJ LOVE have diverse roles in the band but are equally mesmerizing and uplifting.

End of the World is completely reinvented as SEKAI NO OWARI’s new project. The group comprises a long journey between four childhood friends who have come a long way since frontman Fukase thought the world was ending for him.

Following a prolonged battle with mental illness, Fukase restored his faith in wellness by reconnecting with Nakajin (guitar), Saori (piano), and DJ LOVE; as friends, and thus they commenced their musical path together.

Reaching global audiences, End of the World debuted all-new original songs completely sung in English. The band has previously collaborated with Clean Bandit, Gabrielle Aplin& R3HAB. Currently, the band has brought on the Indonesian singer-songwriter NIKI from 88rising. This pushed them to finally release their full English album in search of their own color.

After the release of “In My Dream,” End Of The World will launch their own Marvel Comic book, and will go on tour with a scheduled performance in New York City on September 12.


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