Sam Junk on the latest Lakota Music release

Lakota Music Records next release with Sam Junk is a timebomb!

Sam Junk started producing electronic music with only 16 years on a C64 and AMIGA in 1988. He stayed pure underground till today!

‘Toxa’ include a fat remix of Archee is a punch of straight techno, a great mixture of Synths and a blast of kicks and basslines!

Sam uses hundreds of aliases for thousands of releases! With the ANGELS REVERSE trance project he got also a massive UK chart hit – it was also a massive club hit all over the world. With ESPUMA – ULTIMATE TRIP he sold over 25.000 vinyls which were also NO.1 in the dutch trance club charts for weeks – this was a massive time. After over 15 years playing all over the planet, he is now back to zero.

Check his latest show below and follow Lakota release HERE.



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