Seth Troxler dominated in Romania


Charismatic Seth Troxler played at Romanian club Database December 1st.

A Michigan native, Troxler has personally taken up the responsibility of championing the legacy of Detroit as the birthplace of techno, concurrently becoming the most outspoken voice against commercialization in dance music from within the world of DJs. As he waves the flags of Detroit and techno, much of what shapes Troxler’s perspective against EDM comes down to his idea of authenticity.

Seth is one of the most favorite figures on underground scene and simply an extremely fun guy. As one of interesting DJs, he is always trying to give special attention to his production, mixing and tracks selection. Some may say he needs to release more tracks, but his true fans know that when he drops some tune, it reaches top charts in to time, which was the case with  ’Evangelion’ & ’CZ’.

Number of people who can attend this party in Timisoara is limited, so in order to access the event you need to own a pre-aquired ticket, at the price of 60 lei, nominal and non-transmittable.

To get your ticket is necessary to send a private message to club Facebook page mentioning you want to purchase a pass at this event. After that, you will receive a message regarding the purchasing method suitable for you.


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