Shocking Photo Of A Face Before And After Drugs

Shocking mugshot of drug abuse victim accused of stealing friend’s car.

THIS is the shocking mugshot of a drug abuse victim who has been accused of stealing her friend’s car. Elizabeth Ann Pennypacker, who looks drastically different in her mugshot when compared …


The drug-ravaged face in a shocking mugshot of a 26-year-old ice addict shows her tragic decline since her photo on Facebook last August attracted comments like “you are beautiful girl”.

Elizabeth Ann Pennypacker’s once attractive looks seem ruined by drug abuse, with her face and neck covered in sores and abscesses.

East Pennsboro Township Police Department in the US state of Pennsylvania arrested Ms Pennypacker on suspicion of stealing her friend’s car, phone and ATM card

She was arrested on Tuesday for the alleged crimes which took place back in January.

On January 20, 2020, at approximately 12.53pm, East Pennsboro Township Police were dispatched to Camp Hill, about 180km west of Philadelphia, to investigate unauthorised use of a vehicle.

Posted below that photo of her, people have written, “You are beautifulllll girl”, “I love your face!!” and “Marry me”.


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